Saturday, March 23, 2013

YS Sound Balancing 91M-615 - pictures

From the left - a XLR connector, TKD gain control potentiomer, Furutech FT-818 speaker posts, 20A IEC power inlet, a Turbo button and two fans at left and right.

Turbo - a quick warm-up function

$250,000 /pr

5000 VA EI silicon steel transformer core by Nippon steel, and with UK made copper wire inside
4 - 100V 15000 uF BHC capacitors
16 - Motorola NPN bipolar transistors pr channel
Power output - 3000 watt

Aluminum outside chassis with a stainless steel second inner chassis.

Aluminum chassis plates thickness:
Front - 25 mm
Top and bottom - 8 mm
Side and Back - 10 mm

Size - 52x28x71 cm
Weight - 2x70 kg

YS also have a smaller mono amplifier with a power output of 1300 watt. Price $150,000 /pr.