Saturday, March 9, 2013

Verastarr Shiva Tube Mono

$12000 /pr

The SHIVA amp is from our new generation of handbuilt in USA audiophile quality power amps. In traditional Verastarr fashion, no expense is spared for stunning audio performance. It is a 6550 x 8 based push-pull monoblock producing 320W RMS @ 8ohm in Pentode configuration, and 160W RMS @ 8ohm Triode. (user switchable) In order to better suit your particular speakers and listening taste, a fully variable feedback control is featured.

The bandwith between 20 and 20K is ruler flat with only a .7db dip at both extreme ends. Operating voltage is both 120V and 240V and is switchable without opening the amp. Input impedance is 100K.

Class A to 20W

Class A driver stage

Zero to 6dB of global feedback, fully adjustable.