Friday, March 29, 2013

Simon Yorke Aeroarm


Aeroarm with S10 turntable and S1 stand - £26000

The standard Litz cable supplied is of oxygen-free, high purity copper. A high-purity silver version is also available.

The cable assembly uses 5 independent strands, permitting true balanced signal transmission to be accomplished.

Connections to the cartridge are made by gold-plated lugs, and connection to the audio system via a precision 5-way Lemo connector, and then to the connector box, which have RCA or XLR connectors.

Effective length: 50 mm
Cartridge offset angle: 0 deg.
Overhang: 0 mm
Overall ‘floating’ mass: 68 gr.
Effective mass: low

There is no tonal character on the Aeroarm, the sound is like it's coming from a total blackness.