Monday, March 25, 2013

Amare Musica Silver Passive Power Station

Case made of 2 mm thick surgical stainless steel, possessing an excellent screening abilities against EMI /RFI distortions.

Bottom base made of highest quality 10 mm stainless steel, further covered with few layers of thermo hardened paint, to prevent bar against parasite micro vibrations. - Additional internal damping with bituminous- aluminium mats applied to the walls to support anti-vibration even further.

The best Furutech Inlet G IEC sockets used. Inner cabling executed with solid silver 1.5 mm thick, high polished wire ( 4 N purity ).
Completely parallel inner circuit for 100% galvanic sockets isolation. ( means every single socket is wired separately, and not taking power from the previous one), no feedback between sockets for highest signal purity.