Monday, August 5, 2013

AM Audio B-80 Reference S4 Mono Amplifier

€8800 /pr

The circuitry is based on FET's and output stage uses 44 Mosfet's pr channel.

Capacitors - 880,000 uF pr channel.
Transformers - 2x325VA encapsulated in resin, in one container separated from the chassis using vibration dampers.

Power output 8/4/2 ohm - 80/150/280 watt class A
Output Current - 150 A peak
50% or 100% class A
Distortion - 0,4% at 1kHz 80 watt
Freq response - 2Hz-110kHz
Input impedance - 82 k
S/N - 116dB Aw
Size BxHxD - 44x18x42cm
Weight - 30kg
Warranty - 5 years


First version Review here

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