Monday, September 30, 2013

Transmission Audio Megatrend MKIII

Rosewood - €67000
Black high gloss - €73000
Special Edition - on request

Out of this world phenomenal sound from Megatrend III. At this level of performance they deliver, this is a real bargain. Megatrend III can be compared to much more expensive speaker systems at around €250,000 or more.

First upgrade to a Megatrend system would be to add a subwoofer with 10 15" drivers at €38000, and then continue to upgrade until you have the full Ultimate - the best sounding speaker system available.


Other models:
M3 Pro i - €36000-41000
M3 MkII - €5275-7685
M1 i - €3125-5000 - Reviews here and here