Monday, January 28, 2013

ViV Lab Rigid Float tonearm

Product Feature of Rigid Float (RF) tonearm.                                        
(1) Absolutely no mechanical contact at arm pivot bearing mechanism, resulting in highest sensitivity and maximum amount of howling margin (Which promises to reproduce rich but much tight base sound with no distortion, no muddiness, the most clear sound and wider dynamic range).

(2) There are similar type of bearing pivot, dipped in oil bath (Oil damp Type), available in the market, but still they require some string or another apparatus to fix fulcrum for arm rotary motion but RF, thanks to automatic positioning mechanism, requires absolutely nothing to interfere with the force, for cartridge stylus to follow the inward path of record groove.

(3) There might arise some lateral mechanical instability of arm with this type of bearing, but RF, equipped with the most appropriate balancing mechanism, assures the stability of the focus. This is the reason to be put the name of ""Rigid Float"".

(4) Pure Straight Structure (i.e. no offset angle) minimizes side force resulting the best channel separation, sound stage and sound atmosphere with highest transient rise time and no distortion even when tracing on the most internal part of vinyl record disc.

(5) Beautifully anodized aluminum pipe is outfitted with the “resonance ring”, 3 pieces of synthetic ring rubber for damping. You may enjoy different sound in position of these rings in your choice.

(6) User friendly universal type head shell connector and for tone arm installation onto plinth, no drilling hole is required but just put it onto the plinth board.

(7) World uniquely shaped standard head shell “Nelson Hold” tightly supports the cartridge magnetic circuit, which is the most important part of a cartridge and at the center of which, stylus is located, on the other hand the conventional head shells hold the outsides of a cartridge body with 2 screws. “Rigid Float” with “Nelson Hold” removes haze and distortion from the sound completely.

(8) Inner wiring : Pure silver wire(4N) with silk jacket.

(9) Qualified RCA connectors with isolated ""earth"" terminal with possibility for balanced transmission line.

(10) Cartridge weight - up to 50g

7" - €3300
9" - €3700
13" - €4000