Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Perfect8 The Point Mk II Evolution


With THE POINT MKII EVOLUTION we have taken the original design to the next level. Refined it's performance and optimized it's design further. The natural beauty of THE POINT MKII EVOLUTION will greatly enhance any sophisticated interior and simply deserve to be the center piece in your favorite space.

THE POINT MKII EVOLUTION sports a new subwoofer enclosure that's been made smaller without any sacrifice in low frequency response. New 10” drivers perfectly matches the performance of the dipole panel with deep extended, super tight and ultra controlled bass reproduction. Featuring record low mechanical losses, significantly decreased distortion, increased excursion and ultra-stiff aluminium cones each driven by an oversized 10 kg magnet.

The new 10” drivers are matched by the absolute pinnacle of the latest DSP controlled, State of the Art Class D 800watt subwoofer amplifier technology at 92% efficiency, now miraculously integrated into the glass subwoofer enclosure.