Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pass Labs Xs Preamplifier


Pass Labs' new Xs Preamplifier is the flagship complement to the Xs-300 and Xs-150 amplifiers. It applies lessons learnt from the XP-30 3-chassis reference and Xs amplifiers. The Xs Preamp is quieter than the XP-30 and has an even more improved power supply. In appearance it resembles the Xs amps and features two large chassis with true dual-mono topology.

Its circuit boards are fabricated from materials sourced from the military and high-speed computer sectors. Each channel's power supply with 100,000uF capacitance is optimized for low noise. Newly available silicon-carbide transistors drop noise below the XP-30. The high-bias class A gain stages employ a direct-coupled ultra-symmetric path, auto bias and DC compensation. An extra large high-definition dimmable 20-character display is easy to read.

The Xs Preamp comes with a remote control. Its rear panel includes 6 inputs, a tape loop, dual-power input connections, dual balanced outputs and variable outputs for bi-amping and use with multi-room systems.