Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NVS Sound Silver 1 Series

The Silver Series is the ultimate in performance. Given materials cost and availability, different design and workability needs for different systems, the Silver Series is only available through custom order.

Though there are standard designs, the cables can be built in a variety of designs, wholly dependent upon the client’s parameters of cost, size, and weight. A Silver 1 Ultimate power cord can weigh in excess of 20lbs for a six foot cord, or as little as 3lbs for a six foot Silver 2 power cord. Customers can choose between a variety of connector options, including Bocchino, Furutech, and Oyaide, the use of magnets, how many magnets employed, various shields, and special grounding options.

Interconnects (RCA and XLR), power cords, and speaker cables are all available. The resulting product has a relaxed, deep presentation, with authoritative bass, extended treble, gripping musicality, and amazing detail that exists without being the center of attention.  Very smooth and quick with a lot of body, the Silver Series is the utmost in audio reproduction.