Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Merrill Audio VERITAS Twins and Siamese Twins

Merrill Audio announces the release of two new models of their acclaimed Veritas amplifiers, a Dual Mono version called the VERITAS Twins, and Bridged Monoblocks called the VERITAS Siamese Twins. All three models are built around the state of the art Hypex Ncore NC1200.

Priced at USD $9,000, the VERITAS Twins Dual Mono Amplifier provides the sonic and build quality of the VERITAS Monoblocks, but in a single chassis for those with less space. Like the VERITAS Monoblocks, the VERITAS Twins is constructed from a single Aluminum billet. It has a single power cord that powers both channels, which are separated to either side of the chassis. A single Remote Trigger controls both channels.

The VERITAS Siamese Twins Monoblocks, priced at US $18,000, provide a bridged version of the VERITAS Monoblocks with the same build quality, for those who want the benefits of a bridged Ncore. The VERITAS Siamese Twins has 2 Speaker binding posts like the VERITAS Monoblocks.

The VERITAS Twins and VERITAS Siamese Twins are available by special order.