Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grand Cru Audio Essentiel Reference Monitor


From France and the genius of master designers, Daniel Bendeck & Jefferson Torno comes THE reference monitor Essentiel.

Daniel Bendeck, the design genius behind the critically acclaimed Tanagra "Lotus", and his partner, master designer Jefferson Torno, have saved their signature designs for Grand Cru Audio!

•Ultra-high performance drivers
•Non-resonant cabinet - reinforced in all 3-axis
•Extraordinary crossover to insure perfect phase & time coherence
•Crossover potted in resin and decoupled from cabinet


Our highly innovative technology insures full respect of the phase on all mid-high frequencies to provide the ultimate clarity and resolution as well as natural and unparalleled consistency.

The electrical phase has the advantage of simplicity - extremely important to insure an easy load vis-à-vis the amplifier driving it.

The Grand Cru Audio Essentiel does not require high power or high current capability – simply choose an amplifier based on sound quality.

Technical Highlights
•Advanced 21-element crossover using the highest quality elements
•Crossover designed to eliminate all phase distortion
•Crossover technology with constant Phase and Time for precise soundstage imaging & pure sound
•Internal wiring cables made with "Absolute Creation."
•Crossover cast in a block of resin, fixed to a plate block decoupled from the enclosure
•The crossover plate is attached to the rear of the enclosure

•MDF construction
•Reinforced & stiffened in all 3-axis for no cabinet resonance or coloration
•Eichmann ETI (Australia) binding posts – simply the highest quality connector available
•Front façade is milled digitally for accurate precision
•The front profile was chosen to eliminate edge distortions and ensure coherence with tuning port
•Tuning port on bottom of front panel for time/phase coherence and eliminate problems of rear wall
•Magnetic grille covers - no holes/pins

•High-Performance ribbon tweeter (custom modified)
•Custom paper/wood 7” mid-bass
•Mid-woofer with neodymium magnet and aluminum frame with ultra slim frame and shaped to avoid any turbulence
•Secured tightly with internal metal T-nuts

Sensitivity: 90db
Bandwidth:  45 ~ 30Khz
Impedance: 4Ω (Stable & easy to drive)
Dimensions: 290 - 200 - 325 mm (HWD)

Later two floorstanders will be released - Evidence two-way at €6500 and Horizon two/three-way at €8500.