Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Von Schweikert VR-100XS


Shown here is the new VR-100XS with the UniField 2 for scale.

Weighting in at over 225 kilograms per tower due to the massive build specifications, this line source array actually has a fairly modest footprint given the scope of design (180cm tall, 38cm wide and 69cm deep). In addition, the two towers are accompanied by two independent 15" subwoofers powered by 1600 watt Class D Channel Island Audio digital amplifiers.

All drivers are custom built and are all made from magnesium/aluminum/Mylar/ceramic sandwiches; even the new ribbon tweeters are sandwich designs using magnesium/aluminum strips with a Mylar backing to eliminate metallic ringing. The new sandwich drive units have a transient response that is claimed by Von Schweikert Audio to be superior to any other driver they have tested. The drivers employ Alnico and Neodymium super high output magnets with a linear magnetic field with shorted-turn voice coils for a 10x reduction in motor distortion.

At this time the company is busy patenting their Low Frequency Alignment that features flat bass response in the room, down to a 1.5dB tolerance no matter where you sit or stand. This requires DSP correction in the subwoofer amplifiers and the utilization of four woofers with adjustable phase rotation and time delay.

The VR-100 main towers are dipoles, but offer adjustable level controls for the rear signal above 1kHz. There are two rear drivers: a 1.5" dome midrange and a 3" ribbon tweeter, both adjustable with a level control for Ambience Retrieval.