Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stst Motus II DQ Turntable

With Vertex arm.

Motus II DQ is a direct drive turntable from Germany.

For 9" or 10" arms - €5000, 12" arm version €5600
With Stst Vertex 9" and 10" arms - €7800, 12" arm - €8400.
Also available in a 2-arm version.

The frame is available in every real wood veneer and high gloss lacquer. Extra high gloss finish - €300

Also available in a cheaper version - Motus DQ at €3400 for 9" and 10" arm, €3800 for 12" arm version.

The sound is extremely exceptional on both for the price.
No problem to use a Lyra Atlas or other expensive cartridge so good are both Stst Motus turntables.

Size - WxHxD - 48x22x40cm
Weight - Motus II DQ 20 kg, Motus DQ 18 kg.
Warranty - 10 years


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