Saturday, December 1, 2012

NBS Universal Power Conditioner


The NBS Universal Power Conditioner draws on the experience gained from our first two generations of products and offers many advantages over our own previous units as well as various competing units.

Universal operation covers the entire nominal international voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC 50-400 Hz. Input and output voltages are displayed on the front panel thus assuring the user that no voltage drop is occurring within the unit.

The filter techniques employed are based on both previous generations of NBS Power Conditioners. A proprietary wideband distributed filter is followed by separate differential filters for the various output receptacles. The use of separate filters is very important because it prevents conducted interference generated within the connected equipments from interfering with each other. There are five separate filters serving the two high-power outlets and the three duplex outlets.

Nominal operating voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-400 Hz
Operating voltage limits: 85 VAC Min, 270 VAC Max
Maximum total output current: 20A continuous
Maximum apparent power throughput: 2340VA at 117V mains, 4600VA at 230V mains
Input protection: 20A 2-pole magnetic-hydraulic circuit breaker
Filter attenuation: >35dB, 250kHzGround leakage current: Not measureable
Peak clamping voltage: 595V (8x20 us / 1000A)
Grounding: Star from copper ground bar to isolated-ground receptacles and case
Outlet connectors: 3 - Duplex parallel blade, 2 - Single parallel blade Isolated ground (NEMA 5-20R)
Inlet connector: Twist lock (NEMA L6-20R)
Supplied mains cable: NBS BLACK LABEL II+
Voltage indication: Input and output, true rms
Display type: Blue LED dot graph
Display resolution: 5V from 90-135VAC, 10V from 180-270VAC
Display accuracy: <3 p="p">Dimensions:
H = 7.6" (193mm)
W = 17" (432mm)
D = 16" (406mm) Allow 6" (150mm) behind unit for cables & connectors
Weight: 65 lbs. (30kg) net