Monday, November 12, 2012

AM Audio B-1000 Reference S2 Mono Amplifier

€27500 /pr

The circuitry is based only on Mosfets, input stage uses 2SK214 and 2SJ77 from Hitachi and the output stage uses Hitachi 2SK1058 and 2SJ162 Mosfets - 40 of each type - total 80 pr channel.

The B-1000 S2 is a balanced amplifier consists of two amplifier symmetrical circuits. The amplification input stage is very simple, it uses only two active components, the first mosfet deals with the full voltage gain required while the second mosfet gains only in current realizing a low impedance output.

Capacitors - 1.200,000 uF pr channel.
Transformers - 2x1500VA encapsulated in resin, in one container separated from the chassis using 8 vibration dampers.

Power output 8/4/2 ohm - 1000/1600/2300 watt class AB, up to 70 watt class A, peak 8/4 ohm - 1660/3475 watt
Output Current - 140 A continuous
50% or 100% class A
Distortion - 0,4% at 1kHz 1000 watt
Freq response - 2Hz-110kHz
Input impedance - 208 k
S/N - 119dB Aw
Size BxHxD - 48x28x74cm
Weight - 108kg pr channel
Warranty - 10 years