Monday, November 12, 2012

AM Audio AMX - Reference Preamplifier

Now some cheaper AM Audio products, but the sound is outstanding for the price.

Price - €5000

AMX uses only two active components pr channel - voltage gain and low impedance output. Components used are Mosfet 2SK214 and 2SJ77 from Hitachi.

All AM Audio preamps are built this way - massive power supply with a lot of filtering and simple and few amplification stages.

Capacitors - total 50,000 uF.
Transformers - 2x25VA encapsulated in resin.

Input impedance unbalanced/balanced- 8,5/16 k
Output impedance unbalanced/balanced - 56/110 ohm
S/N - 105dB Aw
Freq. response - 3Hz-1,5MHz
Output voltage unbalanced/balanced - 13/26V
Size BxHxD - 44x8x36cm
Weight - 12kg
Warranty - 10 years