Friday, February 14, 2014

AM Audio AM - Reference Preamplifier


The fully balanced AM-R like AMX use only two active components pr channel - voltage gain and low impedance output. Components used are Mosfet 2SK214 and 2SJ77 from Hitachi.

The sound is exceptional and little on the warm side, very musical and have F1 speed like FMA preamps.

Because of direct sales only, AM Audio can be compared to much more expensive products from other brands.

Capacitors - total 250,000 uF.
Transformers - 2x50VA encapsulated in resin.

Input impedance unbalanced/balanced- 8,5/16,5 k
Output impedance unbalanced/balanced - 53/106 ohm
S/N - 106dB Aw
Freq. response - 3Hz-1,5MHz
Output voltage unbalanced/balanced - 24/48V
Size BxHxD - 44x8x36cm
Weight - 22kg
Warranty - 10 years