Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Legacy Aeris Speaker


The system is the first to use LEGACY’s new dual Air Motion tweeter (an advanced AMT design) with high power handling and high efficiency, and a titanium encrusted 8” midrange with an enormous motor structure imported from Italy. The bottom end is highlighted by a 10” midbass and dual 12” subwoofers with a linear volume displacement of nearly 200 cubic inches.

The bass section is powered by 750 watts of ICEpower® amplification and offers exceptional extension to 16Hz. The included 24-bit DSP includes balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and outputs, level control, and both SPDIF coaxial and USB inputs.

The elegant design employs a 2.25” thick baffle with 2” side walls. The upper portion of the speaker cabinet is open air dipole for fast decay of mid-bass frequencies and airy spacious highs. Meticulous craftsmanship display options such as a leather laminated baffle, carbon fiber laminated base with a faceted front and sculpted sides.


Frequency Range: 16 Hz-30 kHz
Sensitivity: 95 dB (@2.83 volts/1m)
Upper cabinet dimensions: 58” h x 14.5” w x 16” d
Base dimensions: 1”h x 19” w x 15” d (cabinet sets into base)
Available in a variety of finishes