Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kharma Elegance Subwoofer


The new Elegance collection is as powerful as can be imagined with very large linear excursions for extended bass and at the same time the new magnet-motor management system is keeping the midrange clear by not getting distorted by the large currents running trough the voice coil at high powers. Thus presenting the very state of the art in loudspeaker making.

The Elegance collection is a complete line of products also fulfilling the mostly demanding 7.1 AV-home heater wishes and more. You can create a small elegant 5.1 system with the new passive or active Elegance subwoofer.

Technical specs
The Elegance subswoofer is both available as high-end passive S10SB version and the active S10SB-A version. The technical specifications of the passive version of the Elegance subwoofer are given below. For the specifications of the active version please contact your dealer.

System: 10 inch subwoofer
RMS Power: 250 watt
Frequency range: 23Hz-200Hz
Efficience 2,83V / 1m: 88 dB
Maximum SPL: 110 dB
Peak power: 500 watt
Input impedance: 4 Ohm

Height: 448 mm / 17.6 inch
Depth: 400 mm / 15.5 inch
Width: 400 mm / 15.5 inch

Net weight:
22kg / 49 lbs