Wednesday, October 10, 2012

dc10audio The Instrument speaker


The massive front baffle, measuring 2.25 inches in thickness, is milled of solid active/resonating tonewood. Acting as a backbone for the structure, the solid wood plinth and baffle are loaded with a vacuum-formed multilayered non-resonant elliptical plywood cabinet containing a special 30-inch internal tonewood resonator, or "Instrument," in vintage Rosewood with French violin finish, signed, numbered and photographed prior to installation.

This magnificent loudspeaker features an extra-large 14.5-inch hand-turned solid Maple horn, loaded with our 1-inch textile dome tweeter. The horn also serves as the port (an exclusive innovation).

The Instrument will set a new standard in dynamic realism. From airy violins to the thunder of the deepest bass, sound is delivered with speed and nimble posture. The Instrument is a symphony much greater than its parts and operates as a whole without truncation, using the organic power of the horn to correct the limitations of the antiquated cone/panel transducer. It is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to listen to.

• Turned solid 14.5-inch Maple horn

• Two 10-inch high-impact bass drivers

• 8-inch full-range papyrus fiber cone driver

• Exclusive horn-loaded tweeter doubling as bass-reflex port

• Special signed and numbered "Instrument" (internal tonewood resonator)

• Solid Sapele active tonewood baffle

• High-efficiency 2.5-way hybrid crossover

• Frequency response: 22 Hz-25,000 Hz

• Sensitivity: estimated 102 dB

• Impedance: 4 ohms

• Cabinet module finished in Sapele (other options available at additional cost)

• Size: 48.5" high x 12.5" wide x 21" deep each

• Weight: 245 lbs each