Thursday, October 11, 2012

Channel D Seta Plus Phono Preamplifier


The new Seta Plus Phono Preamplifier represents the continued evolution of Channel D's ultra wide bandwidth Seta "flat" phono preamplifier. The Seta Plus includes an updated, ultra low impedance and low noise rechargeable internal AGM battery power supply based on the original Seta phono preamplifier design.

The Seta Plus includes all of the features found in the original Seta phono stage, including DC - 5 MHz (-3 dB, Model L) signal bandwidth, less than 0.001% distortion (10 Hz - 40 kHz, Model L), balanced inputs and outputs (plus single ended inputs) with a fully differential, low noise circuit topology, adjustable cartridge loading, front panel adjustable gain, and a unique, 2 dB channel balance trim control.

An optional, internal high performance analog RIAA compensation module also is available (with simultaneous, independent balanced and true single ended outputs). A high quality, wide bandwidth headphone output option is a new feature of the Seta Plus.

The optional Seta RCM wide bandwidth low distortion close tolerance internal RIAA correction module is $999, providing simultaneous RIAA - corrected analog outputs (balanced and true single ended) in addition to the “flat” balanced outputs of the base model, plus a selectable 10 Hz subsonic filter.

The optional headphone output amplifier is available for $299 and requires the RCM option.