Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aries Cerat Contremo Tube Monoblock Amplifiers

The Contremo is a 250W amplifier, running in true Class A for the entire power range. Each channel is consisted of two separate -balanced connected- Single Ended OTL Para feed amplifiers under a single robust stainless steel chassis .The two , drive a low ratio toroidal output transformer. Each of the two SE OTL amplifiers run at 3Amperes idle, giving a total current idle at a record breaking  6Amperes per channel.

Each of the mono-block amplifier uses two banks of 16 high current-low resistance Sveltana tubes (32 total pc), the 6C19p, and are driven by our unique driver stage, which is a hybrid design of direct coupling and reactor coupling, giving ultra wide bandwidth and current capabilities, thus having  extremely low distortions and clarity, without the use of feedback.

Power supplies are a true masterpiece in the Contremo amplifiers. Each of the two pairs of the independent SE OTL amplifiers has its own double choke regulated power supply, choke regulated filaments and massive high speed capacitor banks. Same applies for the each of the 4 driver stages. A total of 32 chokes and 10 toroidal transformers are used in each mono-block pair. We can guarantee that the Contremo is the most quiet, dynamic and powerful tube amplifier ,not only in this power range but well above; at the same time it’s sonic qualities are matched only by the absolute top shelf SET amplifiers on the market.

It’s output resistance is a very low 0.25ohms without the use of feedback anywhere in the signal chain and can give 24Amperes continuous to the load without even any miniscule sagging of the power reserves.

Power Output @8ohms: 250w

Power Bandwidth : 20Hz - 90KHz

Noise Floor (unweighted) : -110db

Tube List (per channel) : 32 X 6c19p Svetlana and 2 X E280F Siemens tubes

Dimensions: 470mm X 570mm X 470mm

Weight (unpacked) : 115kg each