Sunday, October 21, 2012

activ Audio at Highend Swiss Show

DI-200 semi-active DSP controlled 3-way dipol - CHF 3500 /pr

To the left RU-300 fully active DSP controlled 4-way dipol - CHF 5500 /pr

Pictures by 6moons.

All speakers must be used with activ Audio DSP preamp/processors.

DI-200 must be used with PPA-4 a 4 channel 200 watt amplifier/processor - CHF 1250.

RU-300 must be used with the 8-channel APA-8 preamp/processor/amplifier at CHF 5000 or APP-8 preamp/processor at CHF 4000 and 8-channel amplifiers.

activ Audio top model is DI-900 RD at CHF 15000 /pr.