Monday, October 22, 2012

Hørning Agalme Statement Eclipse Zigma Speakers


The new Agalme Statement Eclipse Zigma speaker is built around the new 6.5-inch PM65 Hørning/Lowther driver with 2.4 Tesla field strength in the voice coil's air gap. For bass there are twelve 8" woofers in a push/pull array and goes down to 15Hz. For treble augmentation there is a new spiderless cone tweeter with 99dB efficiency. Overall system sensitivity is given as 102dB at 30Hz and 99dB at 20kHz.

Each cabinet measures 200 x 65 x 40cm, weighs 102kg and is built to a very high standard wood finish.

The widebander in this model is restricted to cover 200Hz to 12.000Hz and sports notch filters at 2.5Khz and 8kHz. Filter components are a Jensen copper capacitor and a Duelund resistor plus series copper coil. The tweeter high-pass uses a single Jensen copper cap.

Wiring is 300-strand slow-annealed copper Litz with silk dielectric whilst the woofers are supplied with a 4mm cross-section copper wire.

Connectors are by WBT. Placement can be 30cm from the front wall and directly in a corner.
Max power handling is 100 watts. Driver movement remains ±1mm at 100dB SPL below 1% distortion.