Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goldmund Micro Metis Speaker

A brand new speaker is now available for order: the Micro Metis. It is the cutest and most luxurious speaker of our now very large collection but it is also very special for the technologies used in its manufacture.

For the first time ever, aircraft building technologies have been used to manufacture a speaker. By using the specific high tech glues employed for airplanes construction, Goldmund has found a way of suppressing the disgraceful screws that used to ensure a solid mechanical assembly. Of course the challenge was to find a material that was strong enough to hold heavy metal parts together. Well, we guessed that what was used by Boeing was strong enough!

Extremely small, its performance will amaze you as it has nothing to envy to bigger models. Join it to Metis amplifiers, preamplifier or processors and you will have an incredible system that can be used in many different ways, from an office stereo system to a small and discrete multichannel system. The Micro Metis can also be used as easy to place satellite speakers to complete a Metis Home theater system. A Leonardo correction file is available for this model as well.

Micro Metis passive detailed ID:

EFFICIENCY (2.82V/1m): 86.5 dB
IMPEDANCE: 5 Ohms nominal, 3 Ohms minimum
BANDWITH: Low Frequency Cutoff: < 80 Hz -3dB - High Frequency Cutoff: > 25 kHz
DRIVERS: 1 x 4 inch low medium driver - 1 x dome tweeter
CROSSOVER: 11 specially selected components per crossover
BASS LOAD: Vent loading

Weight of one Micro Metis: 6 kg
Size of one Micro Metis: 210mm (H) x 151mm (W) x 162mm (D)

Delivery: Available immediately