Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kaiser Panzerholz equipment stand

They are manufactured in Germany by Kaiser and can be modified to suit your specific needs.

There is no gimmicks, no springs, no wires, no weights, no levers, magnets, nor even footers. The whole idea is one of pure simplicity and adherence to anti-vibrational principles of damping all resonance.

The frame is made of precision veneered MDF. MDF is not the best material around Hi-Fi, but consider its implementation here. In this stand, the equipment never makes direct contact, nor even indirect contact with the MDF, as the vibrations from the Panzerholz portions of the stands are (1) intrinsically damped by the Panzerholz itself, and (2), the Panzerholz is set directly onto a bed of sand.

In this equipment shelf, you are looking at about 300 pounds (136 Kg) of sand. We continued to top it off until we had a flat surface of sand to place the top mirror-polished Panzerholz shelf directly onto for maximum damping.

Looking at the picture above, we're now ready for the next step, which is placing the side walls of the second level Panzerholz shelf to stand on. In the above picture, one of these is seen, upside down for the time being.

These, too, then, are filled with sand, up to a flat level for the next Panzerholz shelf to be placed onto. The difference when wrapping one's knuckles on the empty stand and then when filled with sand is like day and night.

These stands are so shiny that it uplifts the soul even before any sound has been made from the system.

Once the top is placed onto the sand-filled legs, the majestic, heavy and highly functional assembly looks like this.

Now that is one smart piece of furniture! Simple, elegant, form-follows-function design.That whole assembly weighs more than 250 Kg.

There is a copper plate sandwiched inside of each of the black shelves, with an exposed portion at the back side of each. These can be grounded using alligator clips and some wire.