Monday, July 23, 2012

FM Acoustics Vintage amps - part 11

Also in 1998 came FMA's cheaper Classic series.

Classic was an reborn of the 1000-1, 600A and 300A.

3 models - F50B monos, F30B and F10B.
Prices - CHF 80000, 27000 and 18000.

Power output - 8/4/2/1 ohms, gain, input impedance, weight
50B - 400/750/1100/2200 watts, 30dB, 50k, 2x30kg
30B - 150/250/400 watts, 28dB, 40k, 19kg
10B - 80/125/200 watts, 26dB, 40k, 12kg

Inside 30B

Classic F50B and F30B was discontinued in 2005.

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