Saturday, July 14, 2012

DalbyAudioDesign D7-LVSE90 Lignum Vitae 'Select Edition' Isolation Feet

The D7-LVSE90 foot is identical in design to the Ebony D7-GE90 with the addition of a 9ct gold plated logo on the ceramic bearing surface. Lignum Vitae wood is extremely dense due to the high content of natural resin allied with a complicated interweaving grain structure. The colour and pattenation of each set will vary due to the nature of this exotic wood.

The D7-LVSE90's are extordinary isolation devices . We have found no other way to extract higher levels of performance from our equipments with the increased sense of harmony and reality from the recording. It's quite simply a magical experience.

D7-LVSE90 Isolation Feet DNA

Machined from select pieces of high grade Lignum Vitae
90mm body controls resonances and channels vibration through one central point
3 point ceramic bearing decoupling system for minimal contact to equipment
Inverted brass shaft with silver steel center supports internal bearing
14 hours construction per set
Precision engineered to a glass like finish
X3 per set
Limited availability
Working applications: Up to 25kg per foot. Flat surfaces only.