Monday, June 11, 2012

Audio Solutions Rhapsody 200 speakers

Gediminas Gaidelis is the owner of Audio Solutions, a new speaker company in Lithuania which began in the fall of 2011.

His flagship is the Rhapsody 200, a 5-driver three-way with two 9" woofers and two 15cm midranges which cover 500Hz to 6500Hz to keep the most critical range free of filtering.

The 54kg 1360mm tall cabinet employs four-layer walls and the top, bottom and back panels are 60mm thick, all others 32mm.
The point-to-point crossover is potted in a quartz-sand compound.

Sensitivity is 90.5dB, nominal impedance 3.45 ohms, frequency response is 27 - 25.000Hz.