Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The worst sounding setups at the show

Vivid G speakers with CAT - The sound was very bright and screaming - my vote for the worst sound at the show.

Ascendo speakers with Audionet - Like in the Vivid setup the sound was bright and screaming - my second vote for the worst sound at the show.

Estelon speakers with Vitus - the Vitus magic was completely lost in this setup - the sound was very flat and lifeless.

Vandersteen speakers with Brinkmann, Sonus faber Aida with D'Agostino amps and Avalon with Jeff Rowland 725 amps - also sounded flat and lifeless.

Vitus and Soulution amps sounds different, but with Focal speakers they sounded exactly like - the sound was very bass heavy, both setups sounded like shit.

Both of these YG Acoustics setups sounded like shit.