Thursday, May 10, 2012

TIDAL Audio Agoria speakers - more pictures

Two Impulse amps with LPX crossover inside driving the Agoria in active mode, in the middle the Argento Flow center.

The simplicity of the Flow center betrays the complexity of manufacturing. The prototype was shown in 2011. It took Ulrik Madsen one full year to finish it. Why? Because the whole Flow center is only comprised of 3 components! There are practically only 3 JOINTS - unheard of from any power bar even those exquisitely made in Japan.

The tooling machine requires to manufacture the Flow center is expensive. The AC sockets are not off-the-shelf Oyaide or Furutech from Japan but in-house made resins (looks like wood) - the same material as those found from FMR XLR interconnects.

The entire Tidal system was connected to the Flow center in a star-grounding schematic. Though it is neither a filter nor an AC conditioner, the stability of imaging to be felt from the Agoria is rock solid.