Monday, May 14, 2012

Metronome Technologie Calypso Reference cd transport


Based on the best materials selected for their capability to deliver sound of the highest caliber and a separate Elektra power supply, the Calypso reference CD Transport, an upgrade of the Calyso CD Transport, presents a fully innovative design and a new esthetic way to extract the best sound from CD Media.

Main Highlights and Design Features

The Philips CDM 12 Pro 2 v6.8 metal chassis has been significantly customized by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE and provides a stable foundation to very accurately capture the signal.

The Perpex® and stainless steel clamp and the proprietary shaft designed by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE permit a better stability of the CD and consequently to reproduce the best possible sound with a low jitter.

Continuous ground link from the disc surface to the electrical earth permits the dissipation of static electricity for better working conditions of electronic and optical components.

A switchable upsampling device delivers 24 bit/96 kHz signal to the D/A converter.

The separate Elektra power supply with individual power transformers and completely independent regulation lines for each critical part of the transport - display, servo mechanism, motor, digital output stage, provides an inter-stage EMI/RFI radiation protection and insures a dynamic analog-like sound quality. It also permits to mechanically isolate the sensitive electronic components from the vibration induced by the transformers.

The Calypso Reference silent base support permits a significant sonic improvement by greatly increasing the soundstage and reproducing a very impressive dynamic contrast.
The 40mm thick Perpex® support insures the dissipation of vibrations in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Technical specifications

Pick up mechanism:
Philips CDM12 PRO 2 v 6.8 with METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE proprietary modifications and new clamp (PMMA "PolyMethylMethAcrylate" & stainless steel).

Upsampler (44.1/96kHz):
Dynamic range capacity : 175dB
Distortion : -140 dB max
Internal operating mode : 32 bits
Digital output Resolution signal : 24 bits

Outputs :
S/PDIF 75 Ohms RCA connector
AES/EBU 110 Ohms XLR connector
ATT/ST optical fiber output

Silent base support :
40 mm thick Perpex® platform relied on 3 independent stainless steel ball feet.

Elektra power supply:
Specific AC filters. 3 main high quality toroidal transformers and 6 separate and independent regulation lines.

Full metal remote control, specially designed by Metronome Technologie and  available in two colors, silver or black.
One set of Delrin cones ( 3 units magnetizable ).

Voltage: 100 - 120/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz.

Power consumption: 35VA.

Dimensions & Weight:
Calypso transport unit (WxHxD): 450 x 150 x 460 mm Weight : 23 kg
Elektra power supply (WxHxD): 450 x 105 x 435 mm Weight : 15 kg
Silent base support (WxHxD): 450 x 70 x 450 mm Weight : 14 kg