Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kompatibel Design Thorax





Price from €4000

The three different elements are assembled on a modular basis to a Lowboard. The basic forms of the elements (O, E & C) can be used flexibly to build a multitude of variations.

It is possible through individual arrangement to adapt to the conditions of various spaces. Depending on the desired e.g. six, ten or 15 elements are strung together.

The concrete is influenced by the style - a slight radial arrangement - from its conventionally anchored context (heavy, solid) is elevated and strengthened in the whole of a delicate appearance.
The material of the connecting parts creates a contrast and deliberately breaks with the dominant concrete surface, thereby becoming the object in addition to visual lightness.

The concrete building material in its composition allows a variety of combinations. The addition of pigments also allows the coloring of concrete in different colors. A desired weight reduction is possible by appropriate additives. The surface structure can vary depending on demand smooth and shiny or dull and rough.

Kompatibel Design