Wednesday, May 30, 2012

B.M.C. Audio Arcadia Loudpeakers Upgraded Edition

B.M.C. Audio introduces a new edition of its handsome Arcadia Speakers at the T.H.E. SHOW in Newport Beach. The upgrade includes a number of refinements that further fine-tune the speaker’s performance and enhance its build quality since they were recently debuted at the 2012 CES.

Recently introduced as the first entry in a brand new B.M.C. product category, the floorstanding Arcadias were custom designed with several unusual features. Notable among these are balanced drivers with Honeycomb-Kevlar cones that are light, stiff, and free of resonance and coloration; an external crossover free from internal sound pressures, and makes it easily upgradable; and rigid, sealed, resonance-free cabinets made of an exclusive ceramic compound.

The Arcadia’s new features are numerous and varied, affecting its connections, wiring, internal construction and supports. Significant among them are new professional SpeakON connectors by Neutrik® between the crossover and speaker cabinets for more reliability, convenience, robustness and a better appearance. SpeakONs are the industry connection standard for amplifiers and loudspeakers and are specially designed for speakers’ high-current, inductive loads. The Arcadia’s crossover input will continue to also offer binding posts.

Also new, the crossover-to-speaker interconnects will employ very low-inductance copper cabling produced by the Ohno Continuous Casting process. OCC wire is designed to achieve 99.9998% purity, making it the highest-grade copper available outside the military. The crossover, itself, has been redesigned with more hand wiring and a layout yielding less track impedance.

The woofer inductors no longer use round wire but rectangular, very pure copper wire, which make them denser and able to deliver better bass. Solid rectangular cores have also been applied to the Arcadia’s internal wiring.

The midrange drivers have seen an increase in their magnetic power for better upper midrange resolution. In addition, a change in the magnets’ construction has improved the movement of the drivers’ air stream.

Inside the speaker cabinets, engineers have raised the vertical acoustical center slightly upward to further improve the soundstage. Finally, the cabinets have acquired spikes screwed directly into their bases for better grounding.

Apart from these refinements, the Arcadias still retain the qualities that made their initial reception so enthusiastic. The cabinets are tall and slim with a series of thin raised panels that emphasize their graceful vertical lines. There are two 11-inch woofers, one on each side; four 5-inch midrange drivers, two each on the front and rear; and dual Air Motion transformer tweeters. All the drivers are balanced, enhancing the Arcadia’s projection of depth, especially at the sides of the soundstage. The system is also bi-polar, further improving the soundstage’s impression of depth.

Each cabinet stands 47.2 inches high by 20.4 inches wide by 11.2 inches deep and, despite relatively compact dimensions, weighs 250 pounds.

The upgraded Arcadia Speaker is available now in satin or gleaming piano black and pearl-white finishes from authorized dealers at a suggested price of $36,300/pair (U.S. MSRP).