Thursday, May 10, 2012

ADAM Tensor Mk2 Series

Release date - August 2012

After a successful five year run with the TENSOR line of speakers, ADAM Audio announces a new MK2 version of that series. First in the redevelopment is a fully passive line and although the size and name are similar, the underlying technological approach is new and different. The improvements in driver technology, cabinet design and the X-ART tweeter allow ADAM Audio to present a fully passive line of speakers deserving of the TENSOR name.

The new bass drivers have been carefully redesigned from the ground up using an advanced honeycomb cone. This considerably improved new cone has a much higher stiffness to weight ratio, together with lower mechanical losses. This together with a larger magnetic system, the bass units have a 4db improvement in efficiency, a real success in driver engineering.

The new cabinet construction now uses a 25mm solid aircraft aluminum front plate that is mounted to a heavily damped enclosure. The damping is created by carefully designed cabinet structures plus a sophisticated matte, that is made of small cells filled with little steel balls, similar to shot. Its heavy mass together with the energy absorbing behavior of the balls, namely to move and absorb energy that way, it works as a brick wall against unwanted sound from the cabinet.

All of the new TENSOR speakers have special machine mounts, which isolate the cabinets from the floor as much as is possible. These mounts have been technically engineered to address the specific issue of vibration and have proved to optimize the sonic performance of our new TENSOR line. With the new Alpha and Beta models, we also use isolation mounts between the head unit and the base of these models to increase resonance control even more.

Combining all these new elements together would not be complete without new crossovers. These we have designed with all our long engineering skill and dedication to the best in sonic reproduction. The best available components have been used allowing the TENSOR Mk2 series to redefine what high end speaker systems are capable of.