Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Venture The Ultimate Reference loudspeakers

The Ultimate Reference is a true reference speaker in every way.

The underhung midrange is capable of extremely high levels of resolution to provide extraordinary sensations of presence of vocalists and instruments. The large 9” bass drivers are capable of bone crushing bass with powerful impact with subtle overones.

The Ultimate Reference is a big speaker, but it is not overwhelming in size. In spite of the size of this speaker, it can image with pin point accuracy enhanced by a very low noise floor. The speed of all the drivers will astound with a dynamic range that reaches real levels of impact at the peaks of music.


Frequency - 20-60,000Hz
Sensitivity - 92 dB
Impedance - 6 ohm
Recommended Power - Up to 400 Watts (no clipping)
Break-in-time - Minimum 200 hrs playing time
1 x 2” AGC Dynamic Tweeter
1 x 7” CFGC Underhang Midrange
4 x 9” CFGC Woofers
Wiring - Venture Cables
Design - 3-Way
Dimensions - H-148 x W-40 x D-60 cm
Weight - 120 kg
Finish - Ebony or Elm Burl in High Gloss