Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Venture Grand Ultimate Loudspeakers

The Grand Ultimate is truly a wonderful sounding speaker that broke the ground for all the rest of the floor standing speakers in the UItimate Series.

Like all of the Ultimate Series, it will out resolve any other speaker on the market while eliminating all manner of inherent distortion with its graphite composite drivers.
The smallest changes in pitch and overtone structure can be heard that convince that real voices and instrumental sounds are actually there.

There are four 7” bass drivers that are capable of mining the lowest audible frequencies, while holding very tight and powerfull bass.

The virtues of the Grand Ultimate were eloquently pointed out in a review by Anthony Cordesman for the Absolute Sound. One quotation from the review describes the performance of the Grand Ultimate this way:
“The Venture Grand Ultimates are certain to earn your respect and to reinforce that respect the more you listen to them, even with the most demanding comparisons. It’s been a privilige to live with them during this review, and one I wish you could share.”
Anthony H.Cordesman - Senior writer The Absolute Sound.


Frequency - 22-40,000Hz
Sensitivity - 92 dB
Impedance - 6 ohm
Recommended Power - Up to 400 Watts (no clipping)
Break-in-time - Minimum 100 hrs playing time
1 x 2” AGC Dynamic Tweeter
1 x 5” CFGC Underhang Midrange
4 x 7” CFGC Woofers
Wiring - Venture Cables
Design - 3-Way
Dimensions - H-123 x W-35 x D-50 cm
Weight - 73 kg
Finish - Ebony or Elm Burl in High Gloss