Monday, April 23, 2012

TIDAL Audio Agoria speakers


The TIDAL Agoria It is the first speaker with our all new developed cabinet material: TIRALIT ™. The first one with our exclusive Sunray-CIC technology designed with two 11” woofers and three 11” sub bass radiators. It has an all passive 6 curve bass-EQ-Varioterminal, a multiple tweeter curve adjustment and a most flexible bass-radiator tuning system to adjust everything perfect to small, medium and big rooms. And of course one can drive it also active with our TIDAL LPX technology.

The unique TIRALIT ™ cabinet material was designed to combine different opposite attributes. We wanted to combine extremely hardness and stiffness plus a very high resonance absorbing without internal energy storage effects.

What does TIDAL know about frequency behavior in materials? Only few people know that we do know a lot about resonance control in materials since we designed patented wide bandwidth tactile transducers for doing the opposite of absorbing frequencies: generating them and sending it into materials. A technology for medical and audio-tactile applications. So, combined with our background from the high precision metal industry we do know a lot about it ☺. We did work with the mentioned technology to control and compare materials to find a material to give drivers the perfect housing with a most minimal own acoustical life.

The result is TIRALIT™, an all exclusive TIDAL material. It is a pretty complex material compound made out of several organic and polymeric material layers, compressed with different glues and tons of weight to an extremely hard and yet very resonance absorbing material. Even if we do not like to go to much into the details here, the “secret” is not so much what it is made out of, but the thickness and the materialmix itself and how it reacts when it is getting excited by vibrations.

Another highlight is the unique configuration of bass drivers we did. The TIDAL Sunray was 2003 the first speaker at all using a real point-source simulated 4-driver configuration around a high-midrange configuration. It is still the only speaker in the world using this configuration with phase shifting to correct the cabinet influences and its effect to the projected size of the acoustical reproduction (CIC – cabinet influence correction). We wanted to adapt it into the Agoria and we use three unique sub-bass radiators to extend the frequency range excite the bass modes in the room at 8 symmetrical points in the room. Plus at two further points at the back of the speaker with another tuning frequency. This unique configuration avoids the typical hard first reflection from the ground/ceiling and also equals the forces to the cabinet itself to almost zero.

The Agoria has a multiple adjustment Varioterminal. One can influence the bass and deep bass reproduction to almost every room in a so far unknown manner. More or less upper bass? More or less deep bass? More or less bass level? All is easy to do with the switch of a massive copper part. And talking about bass adjustment: the 3 sub-bass radiators can be tuned with several weights for best performance in the room as well.

The tweeter curve can be adjusted to hard, medium, soft or no reflections. Also the bass x-over, as good as it is, can be all bypassed to drive it with our exclusive TIDAL LPX technology for practically endless flexibility. That we are using since many years, not to say as the first manufacturer at all, the most heavy and most expensive pure copper and pure silver parts inside, is something we do not need to highlight anymore. Also that our BCC-drivers do offer in combination with our Unopulse crossover technology state of the art resolution, without presenting the drivers itself is what guarantee anyway with every TIDAL speaker.

• Floorstanding reference loudspeaker
• 1 x 30 mm (1.2”) pure diamond tweeter, decoupled metal alloy housing
• 2 x 173 mm (7”) mm BCC (Black Coated Ceramic) midrange woofer, hand polished aluminum clamp ring with special curve shape to avoid reflexions from the diaphragm protection grill
• 2 x 280 mm sandwich-compound woofer
• 3 x 280 mm sandwich-compound sub-bass radiator, removable with massive aluminum clamp system, adjustable with different weights
• TIRALIT ™ multi chamber cabinet
• Active/passive bass driver CIC-configuration
• multi adjustment Varioterminal: tweeter curve, deep bass, upper bass, bass level
• TIDAL Unopulse crossover
• Optional: SE-version with PIO Cast parts
• Optional: TIDAL LPX active crossover (or with LPX-Module in our reference power amplifier TIDAL Impulse
• Hand polished black piano lacquer
• Optional: hand polished noble veneers under transparent piano lacquer
• Isolator system out of massive aluminum triggers and stainless steel isolation platforms
• incl. ATA-Flightcases
• Dimensions: 31cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 169 cm (H)
• Impedance: 4 ohm (easy load, no impedance drops below that)
• Weight: 205 kg (450 lbs.) each, shipment pair 470 Kg (1.030 lbs.)