Thursday, April 26, 2012

Audio Exklusiv P14 Mono Hybrid Power Amplifiers

€10000 /pr

The P14 mono–hybrid power amplifier by Audio Exklusiv is based on the basic concept of the hybrid power amplifier P11. The P14 is a typical A/B circuit, but with remarkable more power than the P 11: 2 x 300 W / 4 Ohm. In the scope of the hybrid-circuit we chose for the amplification selected gold pin E88CC and as driver 6N6 tubes; the source-follower is built up by special transistors which show tube-similar sound characteristics. Because of tonal reasons we abstained from overall negative feedback as well as from negative feedback in the transistor section.

In addition to a complex power supply with two 500 Watt transformers (one of them with inverse polarity connected for half recharging time) and a RC-filter as well as the special selected components, determined in long listening tests, the special patented measures for resonance elimination, which we use for all other Audio Exklusiv products, are of course applied here. Specially applied they considerably reduce artificial artifacts and clearly improve the demonstration of finest detail resolution and room information. The P14 sounds tonal like P11, but once again more powerful, more superior, faster and airy. It has got an excellent control and stability even with extremely difficult speakers.

The standard design is front panel in Granite Star Galaxy and the knobs in gold. Other – special – designs are available on demand/extra charge.


- mono–hybridpoweramplifier
- A/B circuit
- 2 x 300 W / 4 Ohm
- selected goldpin E88CC and 6N6 tubes
- special transistors with tube-similar sound characteristics
- complex power supply with two 500 Watt transformers
- RC-filter and special selected components
- patented measures for resonance elimination
- excellent control and stability even with extremely difficult speakers

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