Monday, April 30, 2012

Aries Cerat Collatio and Concero amplifers

The new 20-watt 95kg Collation stereo amp is a single-ended transconductance OTL whose output stage "is a reactor-loaded parafeed stage with 16 x 6c19p per channel.

This small envelope tube has very low internal resistance and is capable of large current swings. A full 32-tube replacement costs less than a single high-quality 845. Unlike the typical 200 to 300mA which commercial OTLs use for output bias to generate 25 watts, the Collation is biased at 2.3A. That couples through an 80A peak-rated film capacitor to the speaker terminals.

The voltage gain and driver stage is an inverted direct-coupled choke-loaded Siemens E280F for >150kHz bandwidth. The power supply runs 5 toroidal transformers and 16 chokes for filtering and loading along with very high-speed capacitors. Full power bandwidth is 15Hz ~ 110Khz

The new 70kg/ea. Concero is a "30-watt SE mono amp around the 813DHP output tube with an E280F driver that's interstage transformer coupled.

Outboard power supplies use 4 x toroidal transformers each for over 1100VA with ground-choke regulation and >4000-joule capacitance. Full-power input sensitivity is 1Vrms, claimed noise floor <-100Bb A-weighted, THD < -70dB @ 60% full power and bandwidth 15Hz to 80kHz -3dB @ 25W.

Both new designs will premier at the upcoming Munich HighEnd show.