Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Siltech V1 and P1 Amplifier

Saga is a complete rethink of the amplifier concept with the goal to make an amplifier as good as Siltech’s top cables. This led to a totally new amplifier concept called Structural Amplifier Gain Architecture.

The already introduced C1 battery-powered valve control amplifier will be joined by the V1 and P1. These together form—kind of—the Saga equivalent of a regular power amplifier. The C1/V1/P1 combination offers a dynamic range close to that of our cables.

This was largely achieved by evaluating and consequently improving the gain structure but also by using battery power supplies, the best components, a feedback-less design and very sturdy chassis.

The Saga concept increases dynamic range by 10dB or more to be spectacularly absent. These electronics do not ‘sound’ since they are transparent to even the smallest detail. They are fast without being harsh, open without being overly bright, have a natural pace and rhythm, perfect timing, a stereo image as foreseen in the recording session and the blackest of black backgrounds.

The Siltech Saga V1 and P1 will be first shown at High End Munich in room E213