Tuesday, March 6, 2012

darTZeel NHB-458

Output: 450W (8Ω) 800W (4Ω) 1000W (2Ω)

Input gain: 26 or 32dB

Input impedance:
RCA:> 30kΩ 2Hz - 20kHz
XLR:> 20kΩ 2Hz - 20kHz
Zeel connection (BNC): 50Ω 1Hz - 1MHz

THD: 0.1% to 1%

2Hz ~ 20kHz, +0,-0.15dB (4Ω)
3Hz ~ 300kHz, +0,-6dB (4Ω)

Power consumption: 2000W maximum idling time (No music) 60W

Size (W × D × H): 275 × 51.8 × 460 (mm)

Weight: 65.0kg

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