Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Armonia Loudspeakers with new technology

TWR170 - €17000

No electrostatic, no ribbon transducer, no Air Motion Transformer - but Ticcs ®!

The Italian manufacturer presented Armonia Loudspeakers speakers with the new technology Ticcs ® (Compression Isodinamic Transducers with separate cavity). This innovative technology developed in-house take on two-way Ticcs ® panels for the transmission range of 200 hertz to 22 kilohertz. To this a folded membrane of Kapton with extremely low mass is used, which is in the midrange, only 25 microns, even at high frequencies is only 12 micrometers thick.

Between the folds of the membrane strong neodymium-boron magnets for the drive are mounted. In order to reduce acoustic interference, the high frequency range is in the middle of the module and the midrange symmetrically on the sides. The bass drivers are working with slight paper or in the signature models with an ultra-light carbon nano-membrane.

Armonia Loudspeakers