Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vitus Audio Masterpiece MP-M201 monoblock amplifier

€125,000 /pr

The MP-M201 has four chassis: each stereo channel is driven by separate power-supply and amplifier sections.

Weight is 45kg for each amplification chassis, and 65kg for each power-supply chassis. Total 110kg pr side.
Size - pr chassis- WxHxD 43x24x61cm.

The MP-M201 has one input and two output stages, it has both balanced and single-ended connectors, selected with a toggle switch on the rear panel.

All incoming unbalanced signals are immediately converted to true balanced signals by the first amplification stage.

The signal then goes to a fully discrete active crossover that separates the frequencies above or below a crossover point specified when you order the product - the active crossover can be turned off.

Power output is 100W of pure class-A power (or 300W in class-A/B) dedicated for the higher frequencies, and 500W of class-A/B power for the lower frequencies.

MP-M201 uses two 2,2kVA VA made UI-core transformers in each chassis.

Capacitors used in the MP-M201 are from Elna and Rifa. All internal wiring is VA’s own Andromeda, and all connectors are of a copper-rhodium alloy from Furutech, which also supplies the binding posts.

The casework is milled from solid slabs of aluminum and fitted to a vibration-canceling chassis of steel.