Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Transmit8 Model SE501 amplifer

The Transmit8 Model SE501 twin-chassis single-ended valve monos from New Zealand output 45 watts from a KT-66 driven 805 with a 6C45Pi input valve.

Inputs are on RCA/XLR, input impedance is 100K, input sensitivity is 0.8V for full power, negative feedback is 4dB and manual bias is adjusted with the built-in bias meter.

The driver, interstage and output transformers are all in-house wound air-gapped EI cores. The two power transformers for the output and input/driver tubes are also custom made. The signal path is direct-coupled to eliminate capacitors. Rectification is solid-state.

Total shipping weight packed is 129kg.

Price is $NZ 17500.