Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tidal Impulse Amplifier - Now available

Dual mono reference power amplifier, fully autarcic working mono amplifiaction stages

Regulated active power supply with 2 x 800VA non-noise toriod transformers, completetly magnetical shielded and mechanical decoupled, ripple-free voltage and current stabilisation

350.000 µF stabilisation capacity, ultra fast response with high-grade-long-life-capacitors, massive copper-gold centerplate for an unique all centred capacity control

Elimination of deleterious resonances by all massive aluminum parts and braces inside, excellent torsional and longitudinal rigidity

No direct protection circuit in signal path, no direct relay in exit path, no coupling-capacitors in the exit stages for most uncompromised sound quality

Intelligent protection system with: DC-offset-control, power supply control, temperature control, overload control, ocillation protection

Intelligent softstart system, remote power on/off by TIDAL pre amplifiers via extremly short signal paths on gold plated boards, DC-coupled input stage


User-selectable input: 2 x balanced input XLR (gold plated), 2 x unbalanced (RCA-jack gold plated and teflon isolated)

Fully stable even below 1 ohm

Optional: fully autarcic working active crossover LPX-monomodule for active amping to control the bass section of TIDAL reference speakers, perfectly matched in phase and frequency, different frequencies and level adjustable to trim bass response perfectly to each room and/or taste

Rated power output at 8 ohm: 2 x 190 watts continuous rms power
Rated power output at 4 ohm: 2 x 360 watts continuous rms power
Rated power output at 2 ohm: 2 x 680 watts continuous rms power
Rated power output < 2 ohm: more than 2 x 700 watts continuous rms power

Bandwith: 1Hz - 400 kHz (-3 dB), measured with impedance load

Dimensions: 17.3" x 10" x 17,3" / 44 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm

Weight: 140 lbs. / 70 Kg incl. packaging