Friday, February 10, 2012

Pathe Wings Turntable and Record Clamp

PW 07 Walnut

Our many years experience in audio systems construction made us discover the secret of a high quality sound reproduction and create Pathe Wings turntables. Warm sound and deep dynamics will titillate your senses and transport you into a different dimension of reality. Our product is an example of precise solid work for those who appreciate natural sound. Well matched components dampen vibrations and acoustic feedback which influence adversely turntable sound quality.

Pathe Wings turntable is painstakingly made of components produced from five different materials, each of different density: MDF, HDF, wood, plywood and alloy of high density metals exceeding 10 000 kg/m3: "Pathe Wings" brainchild. Precise balance is provided by adjustable cones, made of 8700 kg/m3 density brass. Combination of these elements assures low ratio of energy storing and high ratio of damping unwanted vibrations. That's why Pathe Wings assures the high quality sound reproduction. Drive and chassis come form the cult Thorens turntables, still used by Linn.

650 gram
Type of Steel: high quality steel - non magnetic
fi: 80 mm
height: 36 mm

Another measure taken in order to reach high-end sound is record player clamp. Pathe Wings record player clamp makes records fit tighter to the turntable, significantly improving the sound quality.

Pathe Wings