Friday, February 10, 2012

Pathe Wings Anti Vibration Devices

American Walnut

measurements 490 x 401 x 40 mm
weight 21 kg

Many years of striving for perfect sound made us construct anti vibration device Pathe Wings, which makes natural, pure and clear tones. Pathe Wings anti vibration device was created to eliminate vibrational efects and dampen audio vibrations. It prevents vibrations going back to audio equipment from the surface the device is placed on. It eliminates vibrations created by the audio equipment.

The device is made of the same materials as Pathe Wings record players. The sound of audio equipment on Pathe Wings anti vibration device improves significantly. Sound is clearer and more distinct, bass has deeper quality, is more controlled. Both ends of the audio spectrum sound less constrained and more natural. Anti vibration Pathe Wings device makes music keep its composure and remain coherent, increasing the depth of the soundstage.

Pathe Wings is perfect for engine powered audio equipment such as CD players, DAC players, DVD players, record players, and amplifiers, valve amplifiers in particular, which are sensitive to vibrations, and all audio equipment elements with a vibration causing transformer.