Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wadax La Pasión Three way self powered digital loudspeaker


Only a source is required to complete the system. Each driver is independently powered. The tweeter is direct driven by the DAC for the ultimate in reproduction. Individual 400-watt Wadax digital amps drive the midrange and woofer modules. Additionally, The midrange drivers can be externally amplified if desired.

All of the electronics including amplification and digital to analogue processing are contained in the mechanically isolated module at the bottom of the loudspeaker. Although we highly recommend the full digital link from source to driver, La Pasión incorporates an analog input for use with any preamplifier.

There are no elements between the drivers and the power amplifiers. No cables, caps, inductors or resistors. The same D/A electronics inside the PRE1 Universal preamplifier are used inside each speaker.

This allows maximum utilization of the Wadax proprietary musIC chip which manages the crossover, mechanical non-linearity corrections, amplitude and time alignment and all other signal processes.